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18 January 2012


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Nicely done. I have had a few emails this week imploring me to sign petitions and speak out against SOPA. But each of them present a one-sided argument and I require a balance before acting, which I am not seeing in any of these messages so far.

Is piracy an issue? Of course and sadly many of the people engaging in this activity would never contemplate stealing from a store or robbing a bank but don't believe it is wrong to steal other peoples work.

The entertainment industry has poured a substantial amount of money and lobbying effort into getting this pushed through in a way that best takes care of their interests but may infringe on the rights of others.

So, some modifications need to be made and that discussion needs to happen. I think that some of the panic effect we are seeing is based on a sense of being powerless if you do not have the deep pockets and lobby power of industries such as the Entertainment industry, which tends to leave people feeling that their option is protest in some form or another.

I would like to see some ideas for how and what should be changed in the current state of the document and a commitment that ideas presented will be fairly evaluated.

Courtney Shelton Hunt, PhD

Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Karin.

I actually see this as a conflict between two very powerful groups of individuals/organizations, with the government stuck in the middle and individuals being used as pawns. The negative political behavior of players like Google and Reddit and even Wikipedia was so evident to me yesterday, and their efforts to manipulate people into siding with them was so transparent. But, unfortunately, all too many people jumped on the protest bandwagon without realizing they were very likely getting played...

Now that the armchair protests are over, people will focus on other things and the lobbyists and legislators will go back to working on the law. Let's hope they find a way to collaborate and develop a solution that is as fair and balanced as possible.

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