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04 January 2012


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Conxa Rodà

Thank you for this great list. Optimistic maybe, but not naive at all too me. Only that some won't probably be fully achieved in 2012 but will surely (hopefully!) be in-progress.

I'd like to add the idea of the need for a better integration of social media in the overall communication strategy. In many companies and institutions is still something aside, even an afterthought. Social media are not usually taken into consideration from the beginning of projects.

And in a more general scope I'd say that a better online/offline integration is still needed.

Have a great 2012!

Courtney Shelton Hunt, PhD

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Conxa. You're absolutely right: integration is so critical to the successful implementation of social media and other digital technologies.

I'm very optimistic for 2012!

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